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Whether you’re a group of friends, a family, or a business full of employees—you can enjoy the most professional cartoon artist there is on the internet, at the best price. :)

Professionally Made

I’m no noob

With over ten years of experience working with clients over the web, I ensure that I review all your needs to the minutest of details—making sure you have the best possible caricature for your group.


And fits your needs

You will be receiving a high resolution (300DPI) file/s via email, which can be used in your company website, social media accounts, or even printed and hanged over your wall.

Best Value on the Internet

Fairest rates in the East and West

You can search near and far—but the fact that you got here means you’ve already found the best. I don’t offer very low prices, but I only offer the best value working with an artist. TheCartoonist only wants the best artwork, stress free!
"These awesome cartoons are now part of our company website: Thanks again!" Georgina United Kingdom,
"Looks awesome! I will send you what the shirts look like after this weekend." Jeffrey United States of America,
"Thank you so much!! It’s been such a big hit! Also, really appreciate the special rate since there were 10 people. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without that! :) " Nathalia United States of America,
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Alternatively, you can also e-mail me your inquiry at: Just make sure to include the details of your group caricature, and include reference photos (persons to be cartoonized, cartoon style inspiration, occasion etc.). I will get back to you asap with a free quotation!
Message sent! You can expect my reply within 24 hours, which will be sent to the email address you provided: Have a nice day! 😁 Yours truly,

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Take me through the process of creating a Company Caricature.Here are the steps:

1.) Send me your Company Caricature request through my website or through email.
2.) Receive a quote on your cartoon request through email within 24 hours.
3.) Once you have agreed to the quotation, you can settle your bill through PayPal or CC.
4.) Depending on how many people are on your caricature request—expect delivery within 4-12 days
What are the limits to my request?Strictly speaking—you are free to define any pose, outfit, background, and cartoon style for your company caricature. Please check the samples for inspiration. The only limit is your imagination! Feel free to email me beforehand if you have any questions.
What kind of cartoon styles do you offer?I pretty much can replicate any other cartoon style of choice given enough pictures in which I can copy the preferred style. I don’t guarantee exact replicas though but I do my best to improve on it!

I do recommend you pick from the samples above as well!
What is the file type of your output?Usually I only provide high resolution PNG files to most clients that have specific needs. But for those with cartoonizing experience or need specialized files, those can be arranged depending on my capacity to fulfill them.
How do you complete payment?After a quote that is agreed upon by both TheCartoonist and the client, I will be sending a PayPal or Credit Card invoice for the entire amount. Once that is settled, I will begin creating the client's cartoon. Expect delivery within the aforementioned time of completion.
What’s your policy on revisions?I offer unlimited revisions on any work I complete for you, within reasonable limits. After a week of inactivity I will consider a request with you completed and no more revisions shall be offered for free. I reserve the right to cancel my revision policy if I feel that you are abusing my services.

I normally respond to revision requests within 24 hours. Please expect your revision complete within 24-48 hours (note: some revisions take longer depending on the volume of the request.

You can read more in my Revisions Policy page.
Is tipping required?No! I don’t believe this is necessary as any costs on my part are already covered. However, if you feel you should then I’m in no position to stop you!