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Hello there, and thank you for your interest in my art! In this corner of my website, I will be posting recent reviews from some of my clients (with their permission), as well as a brief description of their requirements. If you find yourself interested in getting a cartoon, I am ready to create something for you!Cartoonizing the world,


United States of America, May 9, 2021
cartoon logo for bakeshop

My customer loves it!

Angela was looking for help for a client of hers who wanted to create a unique cartoon logo for her company. Her client had already drawn a rough draft of her concept but could only provide a good copy of her face photo. Luckily, I can be very versatile when it comes to my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE for a cartoon logo-- and I drew her client holding a piece of cake, a wire whisk, while balancing a teapot all in one design. It was really cute and she was happy to tell me how he client loved it. Thank you for working with me Angela, until we meet again! :)