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Hello there, and thank you for your interest in my art! In this corner of my website, I will be posting recent reviews from some of my clients (with their permission), as well as a brief description of their requirements. If you find yourself interested in getting a cartoon, I am ready to create something for you!Cartoonizing the world,


United States of America, June 10, 2021
wedding couple on bridge cartoon

Oh wow! It looks great! Thank you so much! I love it! Thank you so much for editing it for me.

Mario was considering drawing a cartoon of him and his wife from their wedding day. But instead of the venue of their actual wedding, he wanted a their cartoon to be drawn with a skyline and bridge behind them as a background. He provided one of the best photos from their wedding as reference and since this was a custom photo to cartoon request-- I decided that my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST CARTOON STYLE would work best for their request! After drawing their couple cartoon and the custom background, I submitted the cartoon to him but it needed a few minor revisions-- nothing TheCartoonist can't handle! Afterwards, he was very happy with the finished cartoon. A cartoon as commemorative as this is deserved by every couple in the world! :) Thank you again Mario for choosing me as your artist!