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Hello there, and thank you for your interest in my art! In this corner of my website, I will be posting recent reviews from some of my clients (with their permission), as well as a brief description of their requirements. If you find yourself interested in getting a cartoon, I am ready to create something for you!Cartoonizing the world,


United States of America, May 7, 2021
bitcoin astronaut cartoon

It looks great! You've done such a great job.

Melissa wanted me to draw her good friend who is a doctor and Bitcoin enthusiast (coincidentally so was I!). I used a psychedelic style with floating cryptocurrency coins in the background that align with his interests. Then, I made him wear an astronaut helmet and a stethoscope because Melissa and his friends have always wanted to send him to space. It turned out so awesome! I had so much fun making this for you, Melissa. Thank you!