United States of America, October 15, 2020 graduation cartoon female

I absolutely love these! Thank you so much. You certainly can share these on your page. I only ask that you do after 5/18, as that’s her graduation date and i want her to be surprised. I think we’ll have some shirts made. :)

I will definitely tell my friends and family about you. My sister Tavia had you do some cartoon images of me back in February that i loved. She referred me to you.

Tiffany wanted to make a cartoon image of her little cousin who was graduating in a couple of weeks. Problem is, the photo she had was just a casual photo and she wanted a cartoon where she was wearing her graduation cap and gown. Using my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE, I made a cartoon from a photo of her but changed the outfit into the graduation usuals. Tiffany certainly loved it and I hope her niece did too! Thank you again for choosing me as your artist! :)