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Hello there, and thank you for your interest in my art! In this corner of my website, I will be posting recent reviews from some of my clients (with their permission), as well as a brief description of their requirements. If you find yourself interested in getting a cartoon, I am ready to create something for you!Cartoonizing the world,


Saudi Arabia, April 29, 2021
group cartoon of company superhero theme

Thanks a lot for the fantastic work and the flexibility to fit our needs.

This will make a big impact on our team event.

Looking forward to reconnecting on other opportunities.

Eduardo hired me on commission to draw a cartoon for celebrating a group project between two very prestigious companies. A cartoon may seem kitsch-- but I'm glad Eduardo chose me because I only offer the best cartoon style on the web that has a professional but also eye-catching appeal. He decided that the office team be drawn as very famous comic superheroes-- a trend a the time of this cartoon request. He also had a tight schedule, so I managed to complete his request along with some minor changes (as part of my revision policy) no longer than 9 days. It turned out so amazing and I'm glad to have helped him with this memorable piece perfect for celebrating a momentous event. Thank you again Eduardo and I hope to work with you soon!