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This page contains reviews and feedback clients have been giving me throughout my years as a cartoon and caricature artist. I have worked with thousands of clients and I am extremely proud of all the happiness my cartoons have given all over the world! A big thank you to all the people I’ve met through my work and I hope to be able to work with all of you again soon. :)Cartoonizing the world,


United States of America, May 27, 2022
two people watching tv, reality tv podcast cartoon logo

Thank you!! It’s soooo good!!! Have a great weekend!


United States of America, May 25, 2022
cool avatar for twitch and youtube channel

Thanks Cartoonist!

This is great! I appreciate all your efforts!


United States of America, May 23, 2022
food truck business cartoon logo

Thank you! You did an awesome job! I will be posting and sharing it either today or tomorrow. I’m trying to launch today but have appointments so it might not happen until tomorrow. I will be sure to share your social mediA links.

Thank you!


United States of America, May 21, 2022
artist singer cartoon logo with microphone

Perfectly beautiful. Thank you!!!


United States of America, May 19, 2022
girl stylist salon cartoon logo

Lovvveeeee it! Thanks!


United States of America, May 17, 2022
home inspector company cartoon logo

Wow, extremely appreciate it. But actually instead of showing this one on your page i’m going to send you a picture of me on my lawn mower which i also have a company for that you can post on Facebook. Again appreciate your professional work. Went way above my expectations


United States of America, May 15, 2022
cleaning shopping cooking lady cartoon logo

Much much better!!

Thanks very much

Rosie wanted a cartoon logo portraying an energetic person to show the nature of her work she cook, clean, organize, shop and etc. After a couple of revisions, I finally met her expectations. Thank you again Rosie! :)


United States of America, May 13, 2022

Thanks!!.. It does look like Flat Stanley and it still has the look of the original one!!:. Thanks