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This page contains reviews and feedback clients have been giving me throughout my years as a cartoon and caricature artist. I have worked with thousands of clients and I am extremely proud of all the happiness my cartoons have given all over the world! A big thank you to all the people I’ve met through my work and I hope to be able to work with all of you again soon. :)Cartoonizing the world,


United States of America, November 26, 2021
princess nail tech cartoon

Thank you so much!!! I love it!!!!


United States of America, November 24, 2021
bachelor party cartoon grand prix racing

Thank you so much!! It’s been such a big hit!

Also, really appreciate the special rate since there were 10 people. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without that! :)


United States of America, November 21, 2021
Simpsons Cartoon

I like it better than i expected!


United States of America, November 18, 2021
kid wrestling champion cartoon

You do not know how my heart is smiling! More than that the smile this young man will have when we reveal his own character based on his passion for wrestling.. your gift is about to turn an AT Warriors dreams into a reality and I'm so glad that you came across my path to do this.. thank you a million times over for being a blessing and not even realizing it.


United States of America, November 16, 2021
Custom Cartoon Aladdin

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! love it. i just sent an email earlier asking about an update, so please disregard. lol. and you can share if you’d like! thanks again!


United States of America, November 10, 2021
twitch cover art cartoon gamer


I would say we are done here.,\

Thanks a lot for your work.
I'm sure I will work with you again in the future!


United States of America, November 8, 2021
woman holding magnifying glass cartoon

LOVE it! Many thanks!



United Kingdom, November 6, 2021
man wearing glasses holding drink cartoon

Fantastic, thank you so much! I love them.

I just liked you on Facebook. If you shared these cartoons, that would be awesome!

I might use one of the images for a podcast or YouTube channel, but I wanted to confirm that this was okay? I can always provide the credit to you and link to your page. Not sure when this would be in use though :-)