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United States of America, April 9, 2020 cartoon of boy with lakers outfit

Came out great!! Thanks again!!

Carlos wanted me to create a cartoon of his son from a photo (photo to cartoon)-- so I recommended my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE PREMIUM option. He was really happy with the final cartoon. Glad I could help! Thank you again for choosing TheCartoonist.Me!


United Kingdom, April 8, 2020 man with unique instrument

Thanks for the brilliant work. I love it. I am already following you on FB, I will spread the word about your work for sure. Would be great if you shared the picture on your Facebook - you can add my Facebook page with the post

Karanvir wanted to me to create a cartoon of him with his instrument! So I used my signature TheCartonoist style as a special order to create this unique cartoon for him. I'm glad I could make such a culturally significant piece of art. Find his page here:
He's also still using his Signature style cartoon face! :)

Thank you again Karanvir!


United States of America, April 7, 2020 cartoon avatar maker

Once again, I am so amazed and deeply appreciate your talent! Thank you so much. If I need another one, you know who I will email :)

Nathan has been a wonderful client and has been having me draw his favorite' game character as cartoons using my chongkers cartoon style. He loves it so much that he orders from me every once in awhile just to keep his character updated. Here you'll see one of the latest renditions of his game avatar-- but in cartoon form. Thanks again Nathan!


United States of America, April 6, 2020 cartoon logo maker

Omg!! Thank you! Please do share it to your page! It’s amazing!

Craftmama wanted me to create a cartoon of her holding a tumbler since it's her business making and selling tumbler designs! So I used my premium cartoon style to create this for her! She's been using it a lot last time I heard! :)


United States of America, April 5, 2020 cartoon logo airforce

Ahahaha omg this is awesome!!! Thank you so much I love it. I’ll add you on Facebook

Tyrone is a military Youtuber in the Air Force and wanted to create a cartoon based off those two things about him. He wanted a general design he could use as a logo for YouTube and among other things. So I created this design and text layout based on his request and photo and he loved it! Thanks again Tyrone.


United States of America, April 4, 2020 anime cartoon style

This is perfect, thank you so much! Seriously appreciate it

Bryan wanted to create an anime drawing of him and his brother based off an old picture they had when they were kids! So I decided to draw based off some recent anime I just watched-- and he enjoyed the rendition very much. So glad he liked it and I hope his brother did too!

ALIEM c/o Michelle

United States of America, April 3, 2020 company caricature

These are amazing!! Thank you so much!

Michelle from ALIEM (Academic Life in Emergency Medicince) wanted to make something special for their website's "meet the team" page. It was a really important project since most of their interaction from the rest of the country (over 1.8 million page views!) was through the website-- so they needed a way to make the team stand out. So she decided to have them draw in a group cartoon using my Signature TheCartoonist style PREMIUM. Over the years their team has grown and they enjoyed the experience very much!


United States of America, April 2, 2020 cartoonize your dog

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you soooo much! I'm at work right now but i will share it later on facebook and i'll write a great review!

Celine wanted to cartoonize her dog using my Signature TheCartoonist style! Oh how I love making cute cartoon doggies <3 Thanks again Celine!