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United States of America, June 1, 2020 superhero cartoon couple

Thank you so much! This looks really awesome and I'm happy with the way it turned out! My girlfriend will love this! Thanks a million. I've also liked your page on FB as well! You're more than welcome to share the cartoon you drew for me on your FB page. Thanks, again - I'll be sure to tell my friends about the work you do.

Jordan wanted me to create a caricature gift for her girlfriend on her brithday. He wanted me to draw them both as their favorite superheroes in a comic book/caricature style. It was a bit of a rush-- but I managed to complete his order within 3 days. He enjoyed it a lot and I'm sure her girlfriend appreciated the special caricature gift he sent her. Thank you again Jordan! :)


United States of America, May 30, 2020 thecartoonist style cartoon face

Omg you are soooooooo amazing I want to thank you so so so much for this! I will be getting another within a week!!!

April consulted with me first before ordering her SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoon face. We went through several options but decided that my original art style was the best for her needs. She loved it! I'm so glad to have made your acquaintance April, see you again soon!


United States of America, May 25, 2020 Cooking Cartoon Logo

First of all your work is amazing. I didn't expect such a quick turnaround. On behalf of my husband and myself. Thank you Thank you. In love the orange that is used the drawing as well.

Taiye wanted to create a cartoon logo of her husband for their upcomming food business called "Not My Wife's Cooking". It's very catchy in a funny kind of way! Anyway, I decided to use my CARTOON LOGO art style to create their logo-- and she gave me specific instructions on the layout as well as the color theme of her cartoon. She was really happy and I'm glad! Recently, I found out they used their logo in various food fairs and it looks like they are expanding soon, congratulations!

Kardone Music with Martell

United States of America, May 24, 2020 Cartoon Album Cover

Hey Cartoonist! I love it!! It looks very very amazing :)

Martell was looking to make a very impactful music single artwork cover for his latest single, and he hired me to be his artist! I was honored, and thrilled to be part of his team just a little while to make something awesome for his music career! It turned out so great he decided to order more for his other singles as well as his friends. Thank you again for choosing TheCartoonist.Me! :)


United States of America, May 23, 2020

Perfect I LOVE IT!! Thank you.

Lori was looking for a special couple cartoon to use in a variety of ways for their business as well as to use as fun memento of her, her husband, and their very nice looking doggy! They were looking for a PNG file with a transparent background-- so I provided that with this one that included a very cool grassy background for their cartoon. Happy she loved the final cartoon drawing!


United States of America, May 22, 2020 team cannabis cartoon group

Hi there! Many thanks for this. Overall I am really happy with the result.

Dan wanted to make something fun and quirky to celebrate the founding a small family run company. He decided a group caricature was the way to go-- so he asked for my help to draw a fun cartoon for his company. So happy he was happy with the result! :) Thanks again Dan, glad to have worked with you and goodluck with business!


United States of America, May 21, 2020 dog cartoon shirt design

I love this! Thank you for making my day.

Jeff wanted to create a cartoon of his very very famous dog Sir Angus! He decided to use my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE for pets-- and I added a minimal fee to create a layout for his doggy's cartoon. I'm so glad that he loved it! Thanks again Jeff! :)


United States of America, May 20, 2020 couple in spring cartoon

You did such a great job!!! Of course you can share the pictures. Thank you so much.

Crystal wanted to do something different for her upcoming anniversary with her special someone. She decided to create a cartoon using my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE with a special rate for couples! We picked out a great photo of both of them and I create a cartoon from the photo.