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Jordan, June 24, 2020 middle eastern man with tent cartoon

Omg this looks great, he loves it. Yes please feel free to share it, and we will also let others know of your work. Really appreciate it and it looks really good. Im so jealous now i want one lol.

John wanted me to draw a cartoon of his partner that he can potentially use as a logo for a gaming channel he wanted to start. He mentioned several elements that represented his partner and he wanted those elements to be part of the cartoon. It turned out great and I'm glad he was happy too with the final cartoon! :) Thanks again John for making me your cartoon artist!


United States of America, June 23, 2020 ginger hair cartoon logo

She loves it.

Robert was planning to open a restaurant called Redz with a drawing of her wife as the logo of the new business. I gave him a few options and we settled for this art style to use to draw the logo. It was a hit with him and his wife! I'm glad to have worked with you on this project Robert! :D


United States of America, June 22, 2020 soldier swimming cartoon

Killer! Your creativity blew my mind! Look forward to future projects together.

Suzanne wanted a fun character cartoon of one of her colleagues. With only a photo and a detailed concept she sent me the details of her cartoon and I drew it all based on her expectations. It was a terrific success and she was very happy with the result. Thank you again Shannon for choosing me for your cartoon request! :)


Australia, June 21, 2020 cartoon about page

You can check the cartoons here on our page:

Rhiannon wanted me to create a few cartoons to feature on her company's website. They decided to have their team cartoonized using my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE but with the neck and shoulder bust (you can order this through my company caricature option, click below!). I went through a few changes but over the past few months they have updated their website page by adding more cartoons. Thank you again for choosing me as your artist!


United States of America, June 20, 2020 cartoon dog on floor


Allison has been a very loyal client and for this cartoon order-- she decided to give a cartoon that will commemorate a close friend’s doggy that recently died due to cancer. He was 14 years old. So I decided to do a great cartoon based off my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE for pets. She loved it, and I hope his friend does too! Thank you again Allison!


United States of America, June 19, 2020 two girls cartoon

OMG! I love it! It's perfect, thank you so much!! I already liked your fb page last week, and will definitely tag TheCartoonist when i make my fb post later, thanks again!

Trish wanted me to create a cartoon of her photo based on my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE since she loved my style very much. It took me 2 days but I managed to submit it on time based on my promise. She liked it very much and I'm so glad I exceeded her expectations. Thank you again Trish! :)


United States of America, June 18, 2020 couple wearing shades cartoon

Thank you so much! Those are perfect! Feel free to use them. We will definitely spread the word!
Have a great day!

Ed wanted a few of his photos cartoonized for a secret surprise for his wife. This couple cartoon was one of the highlights. I'm so glad he liked all the cartoons afterward. Thank you again Ed and I wish you well! :)


Philippines, June 17, 2020 couple caricature in santorini

Hi sorry for my reply. Thank you very much for this! I love it! I'll definitely talk to you again soon. Thank you again. I appreciate it. :) Oh by the way.. I would love to be in your page. Thanks!

Don wanted me to draw him and his girlfriend with the picturesque background of Santorini, Greece. He decided to use my COLOR SKETCH style-- and it was a great choice since he wanted a caricature-like drawing for them as a couple. It turned out great and he really appreciated the details I put into the drawing. Thank you again Don, see you soon! :)