TheCartoonist.Me Reviews

This page contains reviews and feedback clients have been giving me throughout my years as a cartoon and caricature artist. I have worked with thousands of clients and I am extremely proud of all the happiness my cartoons have given all over the world! A big thank you to all the people I’ve met through my work and I hope to be able to work with all of you again soon. :)Cartoonizing the world,


France, French Republic, July 28, 2021
cool girl wearing denim jacket cartoon

I’m speechless!! thank you so much! I couldn’t be more satisfied <3 i will definitely tell my friends about you. Feel free to share my cartoon!

Ylva was looking for an artist to draw a cartoon of her that she can use as an intro graphic for all her YouTube videos. She sent in a sample of the cartoon style she wanted and I provided my quote-- she approved it right away. The cartoon itself was straightforward to do and no changes were necessary. I'm so happy she liked it! :D Thank you again for choosing TheCartoonist.Me!


United States of America, July 26, 2021
baby shower invitation cartoon

Wonderful done and ordered!!! They will be here by Friday. Great work!

Jennifer's cartoon request started as two individual photos that she wanted to put together into one cartoon. It turns out she needed more from my services and wanted a full layout for an invitation they were producing for a baby shower. It's a cute story-- they're both young grandmothers with very active lifestyles! So after finishing their SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoons-- I also completed the invitation layout for them to use in the baby shower. They turned out amazing! Thank you again for choosing me as your artist I am honored. :D


Sweden, July 23, 2021
man wearing shades cross armed cartoon

Incredible! I love it so much. I hope Viktor will be thrilled when we make this into a sticker. :) I'm amazed how well this turned out. I'll definitely recommend this. (People will notice, as well..)

Hugo wanted to surprise his colleague Viktor with a unique sticker that his colleague can stick on his laptop. He decided to commission me the artwork and layout for his gift! He drew a quick sketch and a good description of how he wanted drawn for his cartoon gift. What he had in mind was his face in the middle, arms crossed, and finally with the text inside a half circle on the bottom of Viktor's cartoon. Turns out the final cartoon was a great success and I'm happy to report that Viktor was thrilled with his surprise gift! :) Thanks again for choosing me as your artist!


United States of America, July 20, 2021
news anchors cartoon

This is so awesome!!! Thank you so much!! You’re amazing!!!

Christy wanted me to draw a cartoon of her and a colleague as news anchors inside a newsroom. For the best value cartoon-- we decided to use my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE with slightly enlarged heads. They provided me with the photos that I turned into cartoons, as I drew in their bodies and background in a similar fashion. The final cartoon looked amazing! I'm so happy that Christy thought it was as well. Thank you!


United States Virgin Islands, July 16, 2021
DJ wearing graduation gown

I did a sneak peek with a few people and they LOVE YOUR WORK!!! I am definitely referring everyone I can think of to you!! Once we get this text situation squared away, I'll be good to go!! Also, I'd be honored to be one of your "showcase pieces" :-)

Thank you so much!!! These are PERFECT!!! Thanks for putting up with me and my MANY revisions. I'll definitely be shouting you out on Facebook!!! Thanks again!!


United States of America, July 13, 2021
swag cartoon of man wearing shorts

Thank you! :) I appreciate the all the changes!

JayDub wanted me to draw a cartoon of him from a photo of his but wanted a lot more flair when it came to his background as well as his outfit. I offered a few of my best cartoon styles-- but decided he wanted a version of my boondocks inspired art style to use as the art style for his cartoon. I added a few custom patches and fixed up his jewelry but otherwise the final cartoon is the same with his original photo. But you can just tell this is no simple cartoon generation or conversion-- it is simply art! :) Thank you again JayDub for choosing me as your artist!


Germany, July 8, 2021
couple caricature

Thank you so much for these :) All of them are really nice specially the last one.

Sanjneet was in the market to create a wedding "save the date" for both him and his fiance. There were several scenes he wanted done of both of them together doing different things. From when they first met, to their long distance relation, to finally getting together and planning the wedding! I must say it was a lot of fun creating this cartoon and drawing just a bit of their fantastic journey together. The final five cartoon scenes were awesome and I'm glad to have been part of this cartoon project for their wedding. Thank you!


United States of America, July 5, 2021
group caricature for bachelor party

Thank you so much! I appreciate all your time and help.

Jeff was looking for someone to create a caricature of 13 college friends to be used for a shirt design. One of his closest friends was having a bachelor party that was going to be held in Portland, Oregon. As most of my best clients do-- Jeff gave me references for the background that had trees, buildings that were inspired by the Portland skyline, mountains, and a sign unique to Portland. We also agreed on my COLOR SKETCH cartoon style to create their fantastic bachelor party caricature. This was really successful! It was so good that Jeff shared the shirt print that his friends really found cool. Glad I could help Jeff! :)