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United States of America, April 18, 2021 cartoon face of a man with black hair

You’re welcome to share my cartoon!

Mark ordered my ever reliable and iconic SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoon face for himself. As always I made sure that he received the best service while making sure he receives his cartoon within 24 hours. I made the deadline as always and he's happy to have me share his cartoon with you. Thank you again Mark! :)


United States of America, April 16, 2021 cartoon of music DJ

Thank you, I love it!

Amar is one of my top clients and he always likes to make cartoons from photos of him in fabulous places doing amazing things. Sometimes, he just submits photos and I already know what to do! :) Here's to you Amar, I'm glad to be your personal cartoon artist! :)


United States of America, April 13, 2021 neck and shoulders carton of man

Thank you, I love it! You did a great job!

I will definitely recommend friends and clients to your service.

Dustin wanted me to create a cartoon of him from a photo with some changes. First, he wanted his wife's hand removed from the cartoon (since it was over his shoulder). Then, he wanted me to clean up the cartoon to make it look more professional. The final result was this clean looking and handsome cartoon that will be useful for years to come! :)


United States of America, April 11, 2021 suprise leaving gift cartoon


great job, thank you so much!

excellent job, i can't stop smiling!
thank you again!

John, one of my most loyal clients wanted me to create a cartoon for his manager as a leaving present! I drew her using our usual art style but with some added details like 'taller' silhouettes of her coworkers and the text "micro MANAGER" as part of the design. It turned out so great-- John's office had it framed and you can see the final result here. Thank you again for choosing me John as your artist!


United States of America, April 9, 2021 animal gorillaz inspired cartoon for honor

It looks nice!

Carlos wanted me to draw a cartoon of him wearing his favorite "Nobushi Armor" from the medieval fighting game For Honor. It was an odd request for sure-- but nothing too odd for me, TheCartoonist! It was even weirder odd that he wanted to use my ANIMAL inspired cartoon style. But again, I managed to pull it off the way he wanted it. I had fun making this cartoon with you Carlos, I hope to see you again soon!


United States of America, April 6, 2021 custom graduation cartoon

Thank you so much!! I really love them.

Shelly's son is about to graduate high school and she wanted something to remember the occasion by. She wanted me to draw her like a "graduating" superhero with elements of his hobbies (welding and playing an instrument) in the background. The result was this very cool cartoon of him that truly represents his unique character. Thank you Shelly for trusting me with this cartoon! :)


United States of America, April 4, 2021 cartoon of boy holding Nerf gun

Thank you so much it is everything I thought I would be!

Justine wanted to create a fun looking cartoon of her son shooting a Nerf gun with a short quote saying: “Are you down with the pew?” I think she wanted this design to be used in a custom shirt she wanted to make! I used on of my best cartoon styles and turned her vision to reality. Thankfully, things went swimmingly and now she has the cartoon she always wanted in less than 3 days. Thank you again Justine! :)


United Arab Emirates, April 1, 2021 save the date cartoon invitation

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I love it so much! thank you so much for being so helpful :) :)

Karim wanted to do something special for her wedding announcement (also called a SAVE THE DATE for those not in the know!) so she decided to come to me for a caricature! I offered one of my best caricature styles to draw her and her future husband. To add a little flavor-- she also wanted some of their hobbies and interests (fitness and shopping) featured in the cartoon. In turned out great! And I'm happy for the future couple! :D