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United States of America, February 27, 2021 meditating girl with cookies

WOWW! Thank you so much :D LOVE your work! Thanks for being so patient and I absolutely have no words for your creativity!

My family and friends in love with your work.

Thanks a ton for making my idea into a reality!! :D

SmooovTV (aka Taylor)

United States of America, February 23, 2021 YouTube Cartoon Logo

I’m getting really good feedback on my cartoon! I would love to be featured on your site or wherever you want to post it! If you do share it, could tell people to subscribe to my YouTube in the description? The name on the drawing is the name of my channel. :)

Taylor wanted to create a cartoon of herself to use for her social media sites-- my specialty! I always recommend my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoons for the best possible result. She provided a photo, then I turned her photo into a cartoon. Her pose makes her cartoon look more awesome! :) Thank you again Taylor for choosing me as your artist!


United States of America, October 25, 2020 sign language cartoon

Awesome! Thank you soooooo much. I love them. I will be in touch as soon as I’m ready for the next grouping.

After numerous attempts at different artsits, Debora just wanted help creating her own American Sign Language cards using a toy she had created. She wanted a cartoon of at least ten cards, each depicting a common sign with her likeness in each drawing. I really enjoyed working with this project because it was so unique, and the final cartoons looked really clean and professional.


Canada, October 23, 2020 chibi anime couple

Thank you so much! I really love it :)

Rachael wanted to create a unique card to give to her girlfriend for their anniversary. It took a bit of a back and forth since she wasn't sure what art style as well as the concept in particular-- but she was decided on a Chibi-like art style that features exaggerated features. I tailor-made this style particularly for them to depict them as best as possible. The drawing was wonderful and she had a great experience overall. Glad to share this memorable cartoon with you Rachael!


United States of America, October 21, 2020 cartoon cat grey with white

Yes, perfect! Thank you. Very good. Thanks again for the cats and feel free to use them as examples of your work on your website or social media.

John wanted to create a cartoon of his two cats to incorporate for a Christmas card he was going to give to his partner. He only needed help with the cartoons of his cats since he is a bit of a graphic designer himself. I couldn't be happier to find out that he enjoyed my renditions of his furry friends. The cartoon drawings were fantastic; glad to be recognized by a fellow artist! :)


United States of America, October 19, 2020 cartoon of woman long hair

Thank you so much! It looks great! If you'd like to share it I'm totally fine with that.

Maya wanted something simple done that day-- she just wanted a cartoon of a photo she had. I decided I'd recommend my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE which she agreed wholeheartedly that it was the right choice! I'm happy to report that this was another great success for TheCartoonist's number one artist-- me of course! :) Thank you again Maya and I wish you well.


Netherlands the, October 17, 2020 DJ cartoon face with cap and sunglasses

Thanks man i really like it alot !! Success with all your other projects!

Terry is a DJ in the Netherlands and he never had his own logo. His budget was limited so I suggested he opt for my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoon face-- my best selling product! After 24 hours, he received this cartoon and he totally loved it! It gave him the flexibility to use his cartoon on his merchandise, shows, and among other things that require promotion and marketing. Thanks again Terry, hope to work with you again soon!


United States of America, October 15, 2020 graduation cartoon female

I absolutely love these! Thank you so much. You certainly can share these on your page. I only ask that you do after 5/18, as that’s her graduation date and i want her to be surprised. I think we’ll have some shirts made. :)

I will definitely tell my friends and family about you. My sister Tavia had you do some cartoon images of me back in February that i loved. She referred me to you.

Tiffany wanted to make a cartoon image of her little cousin who was graduating in a couple of weeks. Problem is, the photo she had was just a casual photo and she wanted a cartoon where she was wearing her graduation cap and gown. Using my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE, I made a cartoon from a photo of her but changed the outfit into the graduation usuals. Tiffany certainly loved it and I hope her niece did too! Thank you again for choosing me as your artist! :)