Sample of Couple Cartoon by TheCartoonist
Sample of Couple Cartoon by TheCartoonist
Sample of Couple Cartoon by TheCartoonist


Hand-drawn by yours truly in my signature TheCartoonist style complete with the body, delivered to your email address in 48 hours.

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Hand-crafted with LOVE

And your special someone will love it too!

The result of over ten years of practice, my signature TheCartoonist style has remained pure. It is made without any shortcuts or automatic filters. Each couple cartoon portrait is made with attention to the unique features of every human face and body. No two cartoons are alike in how they are made.

High Resolution

…and super clear.

Powered by Bezier curves, all signature TheCartoonist style cartoons can be resized to practically any size and retain high resolution (300dpi), making it perfect for printing on any medium. Check out my samples! You’ll see I don’t scrimp on any detail, however small.

48 Hour Delivery

The fastest cartoonist on the internet

No long lines here! Expect your TheCartoonist style couple cartoon within 48 hours or less. Not to worry! While I’m fast, expect only the best cartoon to be delivered to your email at the soonest possible time. It's perfect for that last minute custom gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
"LOVE IT, IT’S PERFECT! Thank you so much! I’ll be needing another this summer, so talk to you soon again…kind of!" Stacey United States of America,
"Wow!!! We are SO impressed with your work! You did an excellent job and we're so happy with how they came out. We will absolutely refer you to our friends. Yes, please do share our cartoon on your page! Thank you so much! You are so talented and have been a joy to work with." June Australia,
"I can't thank you enough for this wonderful cartoon Miss TheCartoonist! My gf and I are so happy we got to immortalize this special trip cartoon style!" Gary Galungad Japan,
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$75/couple delivered to your e-mail START Couple cartoon
High Resolution (300dpi)
48 Hour Delivery
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- Frequently Asked Questions -

What will I receive?Once your cartoon is done, I will send your finished cartoon to the e-mail address which you provided upon checkout. Your cartoon will be available as a JPEG version of your cartoon with the size based on the photo you submitted. You will also receive a high resolution (300DPI) PNG version with transparent background which you can use for other needs.
What are some tips for providing the best photo?For best results, please submit a high resolution photo that includes the entire face including hair, chin and other extremities.

Please make sure that there are only TWO PEOPLE in the photo you upload. ONE ORDER = ONE COUPLE CARTOON
What will be cartoonized?I will include everything that is visible in the photo, attached on the body, from the waist up. This service does not include cartoonizing the background.
How long will it take before I receive my cartoon?You will receive your cartoon in 48 hours. In case of delay these are the things that might have happened:

-You provided an incorrect email address
-Your inbox is full or does not accept attachments
-I emailed you to request a new photo (if your original photo doesn’t follow instructions)
-There was a problem with payment

If there is any delay do not hesitate to contact me:
We’re not exactly a couple, but we’d like to have a cartoon together—is this alright?Yes of course! For the sake of the majority who are looking for a couple cartoon, I labeled the service this way. But it can be used by two people who are simply friends or relatives.
I’m looking for a different cartoon style, what options do I have?Please check out my page for special requests for more information. I can definitely make something unique for you! :)
I want changes in my cartoon, is this possible?Yes, I will accept up to one (1) minor revision only for TheCartoonist style cartoons. Minor revisions include:

-Adjusting a face/body part
-Color correction
-Size adjustments

I will NOT be accepting major revisions such as:

-Cartoonizing a new photo
-Shifting/turning the face or adjusting it far from the original photo
-Adding accessories and other parts not in the original photo

For more information please check my revision policy.