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Hello there, and thank you for your interest in my art! In this corner of my website, I will be posting recent reviews from some of my clients (with their permission), as well as a brief description of their requirements. If you find yourself interested in getting a cartoon, I am ready to create something for you!Cartoonizing the world,


United States of America, June 3, 2021
cartoon of modern woman

THANK YOU!!! I love them! I hope my friends will too! Haha i might order again with a different style for my family, who knows. Thank you so much!

Lynay being the very great friend that she is decided to order in advance (take note this was in June!) cartoon drawings for all her friends for Christmas. She wanted to draw each person in a particular style she offered to show me references for. I took on the challenge and drew all of her friends in the cartoon style she was after. She wanted individual cartoons for each person-- with very particular details for each that I was happy to oblige! I really enjoy making the little details that make a client's cartoon special. Of course, I delivered her cartoon on time just for Christmas-- just kidding! After only five days of a very chill pace of drawing I finished the cartoons that brought a smile on her face. I hope to meet you again soon Lynay, thank you again for choosing TheCartoonist! :)