What is the best caricature maker?

July 5, 2021

How are caricatures significant in the cartoonifying generation as of today?

It isn't always noticeable, but the visual art we see around us plays a pivotal role in affecting our daily lives. They endow us with a different perspective to sift things. They give us the power to express our thoughts via little words and thoroughly display cartoonized characters that may have once seemed impossible. To understand how caricatures work and what essentially distinguishes a great one from mediocre, we have to consider a few things. From the expectations that society has of this to the caricature maker and their ability, there are innumerable factors.

What is a Caricature?

Caricatures consist of characters, descriptions, and pictures to grant a hyperbolic yet somewhat comic semblance to a situation. It is here that the art of free speech and free expression comes into play, where the caricature maker is tested to see how well they can add humor to a person or a situation via their art.

couple caricature for save the date

Above: A caricature of a couple based on a famous film

Hence, the underlying purpose of caricatures is to present an exaggerated point of view while ensuring that it is humorous to the audience at large.

How do you construct a Caricature?

Many people endeavor to become caricature makers, but they never ask themselves the eternal question, "how to make a caricature?” Throughout my time as a cartoonist, many have even bombarded me with the question, and the truth is, one cannot become a caricature maker overnight.

It requires skill, expertise, and an insight into what it is trying to do. In my case, it took me a great deal of time, and at some times, setbacks too, to learn where it is I was going wrong. So, my fellow cartoonizers, I thought it would be best to familiarize you with a few essential tips that can be of great help to anyone in their caricature-making career.

• Firstly, make sure that there is a rough sketch available.
• Secondly, draw shapes around the image.
• Don't restrict the thought process. If there are abundant ideas and options, it is best to sketch or pen them all down.
• After performing the above, pay attention to the features that have to be amplified. They can be the face, neck, head, anything!
• Add some descriptions once the drawing part has been completed.

caricature of elderly woman driving a car

In addition to the above, if someone intends to make a caricature from a photo, that is indeed possible. Here, the steps will be the same as above, with an exception. The picture that will be chosen has to be of a higher resolution and quality.

Is caricature making becoming a trend?

In today's world, companies and corporations, including the journalism industry, need an interested audience. Instead of opting for long articles and headlines, caricatures are an efficient way of disseminating the content via their superior graphics and visual appeal.

The world is changing, and companies and businesses need to adapt to changing trends.

If you want to turn that 1 or 5 pages long article into something impactful yet classy, and that too at an affordable price, then send the details over to TheCartoonistMe, and I will take care of the rest!