What is the best way to celebrate my dog's birthday?

July 12, 2021

What is a great gift for our beloved canines?

Picture this: one of your loved ones is having their birthday soon, but you don’t know what to get them. It’s not your Mom nor your Great Grandfather - It’s your furry child also known as man’s best friend! I’m sure you have family portraits around your home, but have you ever thought about cartoonizing your pet? A cartoonized portrait is a great way to immortalize the memory of our dearest pets.

bulldog with cakesFood will eventually perish, meanwhile toys will break down due to wear and tear over time, but a portrait captures the memory of the moment for years. You’ll look back and can’t help but smile about the happy time you spent with your beloved pet. For me the memory is priceless and I’ll be happy to look back on it in the future. Cherish your special moment with a twist by cartoonizing your dog.

Why should I cartoonize my dog?

Have you ever seen an artist drawing people at your local carnival or amusement park? Did you ever get the feeling of wanting to get a cartoon caricature made of yourself or for a loved one? Cartoonized caricuratures blend the exaggerated extremities of cartoons with realism to present you an eye-catching memory of the moment. Imagine the best features of your pet highlighted such as their shining bright eyes or their velvet soft fur. Their striking image will leave you in awe of happy times as you look back and reminisce of fond memories.

cartoon dog face by thecartoonist.me

You can order your own cartoon dog face here.

A memory to be forever cherished

As mentioned before, a photo captures the moment bringing back memories of how you felt during past experiences. A cartoonized portrait simply adds a bit of spicy to your fond memory to hopefully add that extra bit of sweetness to your smile. We all love taking photos, especially of our pets and loved ones. You’re bound to have plenty of special moments, so why not make some a little more extra special or to help celebrate a special occasion.

Cartoonizing your pet, let me help!

Now after all of that I really do hope you consider adding a cartoon portrait of your beloved pet to your home, but what’s this; you can’t draw yourself. Don’t worry I’m here to help you out with that! You don’t need drawing skills of your own or to look any further for another artist! I’ve spent the last ten years developing my own art style along the lines of vector illustration to give you the very best cartoonized portraits out there.

Having one done in real time can be quite bothersome or feel rushed as your time is valuable. All I will need is a picture of your lovely furry friend and you can leave the rest to me. Not only will you be receiving a digital copy of your cartoonized pet, but I will do my best to get you your photo withing twenty four to fourty eight hours. Looking forward to cartoonizing with you soon!