What are digital gifts and what makes them interesting?

September 5, 2021

How to connect with friends in this contemporary era?

It’s been difficult to connect with friends recently due to everything that is going on-- especially if you have friends in different parts of the world. With travel restrictions among other things making it impossible to meet people in the physical reality. But it’s not all bad! Because we have the internet and all these means of instant communication over vast distances we are able to connect with our distant friends easily.

So connecting with friends from far away isn’t necessarily a problem-- but how to show them appreciation and love is another thing altogether. While physical gifts is possible with the miracles of shipping, it can be cumbersome for some people. That’s why for tech savvy individuals the idea of gifting digital gifts has been on the uptrend in recent times.

What is a digital gift?

A digital gift is something you can transfer ownership to another individual online or through the internet. If you play video games then you are very familiar with this concept already! Most gamers have probably sent or received a game from someone through Steam or any other gaming distribution service. But if you’re not into gaming, anyone with a smartphone should also have an idea since you can actually gift apps to other people using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Digital gifts can be more than just games and applications bought from web stores-- they can also take the form of gift certificates, vouchers, and virtual greeting cards. Recently however there is also a trend where people gift digital art to their friends as well!

Surprise your best friend with a most unique gift: a cartoon face

TheCartoonist.Me actually offers a unique and convenient way to show your love to your friend without breaking the bank. You can buy a $25.00 USD Cartoon Face that I draw using my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE:

popular woman wearing glasses smiling with teeth

What’s awesome about my cartoons is that you only need a photo of your friend, submit it to me, then have your friend’s cartoon back within 24 hours. This is strictly a photo to cartoon service. What you receive afterwards is a high resolution PNG and JPEG file of your cartoon via email. You can then send this through online channels to your friend!

My friend has the cartoon, what now?

He can then use the cartoon for a variety of ways. Most people use this as an online avatar-- someone’s likeness in cartoon form is a good way to transform your face into a unique brand without the hassle of having a graphic designer make one for you.

cartoon face as an instagram avatar

Another cool way to use the cartoon is to put your friend’s likeness on merchandise. Of course, there would be an extra cost but some of my clients go out of their way to print their friend’s cartoon face on a shirt; extra points for funny faces printed on a center of a shirt. If you’re close, most friends appreciate this gesture!

So click this link to start your cartoon gifting journey with me!