Why is family important?

August 8, 2021

The family is the foundation of your worldview.

family caricature fighting covid

Above: a family caricature

Today’s world is defined by people having less and less things in common. While I was growing up there were always things commonly known to different people. Certain pop culture fads and icons were famous not just in one city, country, or even continent-- some reached the apex of international fame. The 1990s and early 2000s are the years I consider the peak of globalization and trends were common among different peoples and countries, with most of these trends coming from the United States.

But as the new millennium turned a new decade the way pop culture developed changed drastically. With the internet becoming more accessible and convenient for the normal person, it gave individuals a lot of freedom to choose to consume a variety of content-- different from what the mainstream defined as popular. And so people’s tastes became more varied and led to changing opinions, politics, and beliefs. Contemporary society today is so fragmented that you can have a dinner party for five and if each person discussed one topic dear to them, the other four people is likely to have no idea what that person is talking about.

This is where family is important. Being part of a fractured society you can find solace in the idea that you have a tribe that shares certain beliefs that are most authentic to you. The family can give you grounding and feedback that people desperately need in a multicultural society that seems to be losing meaning.

What is a family in today’s society?

For most people family can simply mean you and your mother and father-- but today family is not simply people who share your DNA. Besides siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, family could also mean your friends, your Discord, Facebook, or Telegram group, or even simply your best friend.

A family is not just defined by their closeness to you in the physical world-- because of the internet you can have a family that has members miles away from your current location. It’s amazing that while the current communication technology has its limits-- it certainly can’t limit one’s intentions in establishing connections with other people.

Finally, a family in the contemporary age can consist of members with different cultures, beliefs, and ways of thinking. Nevertheless, what makes a family a true cohesive unit is LOYALTY.

vin diesel fast and furious family

And the great Vin Diesel (Fast and Furious) said FAMILY

Without loyalty to the family-- you’re just a group. Real family makes it through good times and especially the bad times. And through shared experiences can a posse truly know what it means to have a FAMILY.

Family First

There are a lot of things that are important in the world. But interpersonal relationships are very important-- and the family is the most important type of relationship of all. Without roots, a person cannot grow tall; and a family keeps you grounded. Being responsible to your family, especially in these trying times, can give your life meaning and value. These things make having a tight-knit family something priceless.