What happens when you cartoonize a picture?

August 23, 2021

Cartoonizing comes in many forms

On the web there are many ways available when it comes to cartoonizing one’s photo and turning it into a cartoon. For the most part it’s a relatively simple process that involves a person uploading a photo on a website or application and then waiting for your finished cartoon. The difference really comes down to the process you use AND the art style you’d like your cartoon to appear into.

The common choice: automatic filters

Most picture cartoonizers use what are commonly known as cartoon filters. They typically use automated processes that use filters and scripts that turn your photo to a cartoon. Some online filters look very rough and don’t necessary look cartoon-like, while others are too cartoony and the resemblance can sometimes feel uncanny. However, most of these online filters are free and easy to use and a lot of people appreciate this aspect above all.

The premium choice: cartoon artists

While automatic filters dominate the space because of them mostly being free of charge-- there is also another way you can turn pictures to cartoons at relatively competitive fees while making sure you have the best cartoon rendition of yourself. You can hire a freelance cartoon artist to create a cartoon for you!

There are many websites online where you can do this and where these freelancers are available. Normally they offer a basic cartoonizing service but with many added on features so that you can customize your cartoon to your liking. They are also more versatile and offer many cartoon styles you can choose from.

The advantage of this over automatic filters is that they draw by hand (normally assisted by a computer) and they can make sure that the likeness of the person begin cartoonized is apparent and the resemblance looks definitely there. You can also ask for changes and revisions and artists are normally able to comply and improve on your cartoon to make it truly yours!

The best choice: TheCartoonist.Me

Here in TheCartoonist.Me, I use my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE to make a variety of different cartoon options, that involve a face only, with the body, for couples, and even for pets! I only need one very clear photo of a person and I can turn it into a gorgeous cartoon usually within 24 hours. What I offer is a realistic looking cartoon style that doesn’t look too over-realistic, while at the same time include features and details that make each cartoon unique.

cartoon face by thecartoonist.me


cartoon dog with bodyAbove, my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoon face for pets

What do you get after it’s done

Normally automatic filters and cartoon artists provide a digital copy of your cartoon once completed. Sometimes it is sent through an app, or sometimes it can be sent to you via email. A digital copy is best because you can use it as your avatar in social media websites, as a logo or mark, and even in your most precious designs.

What are you waiting for?

Still looking for the perfect cartoonizing service? If you can’t decide-- you should try TheCartoonist.Me! It’s easy to use, and can guarantee the best results. Try and be my client today! :)