Why is it important to keep a good profile picture?

July 2, 2021

How are cartoon profile pictures becoming trendy?

I am instantly attracted to cartoon profile pictures because they are not unique but offer quality humor too. On those late Sunday mornings, this is what I mostly do. I scroll through my social media apps and discover why many celebrities and influencers, including businesses, have adopted the cartoonifed profile pictures instead of their own.

It turns out; I finally found my answer: they are more appealing to the audience.

cartoon profile picture of bald african american

Above: A sample cartoon profile picture

How are cartoonified display pictures impacting consumer trends?

Here, the major reason why many have opted for the cartoonification of their pictures is that they have much to offer. Businesses and corporations can add their logos, with messages, and in some cases, a comic element, too, if required. What this does is expands the customer base as more people become interested to know what the brand is about. On the other hand, if there are no funny profile pictures, cartoon or cute cartoon profile picture, consumers are left unsure what it is that the brand has to offer. They end up becoming detracted, and at times confused.

Additionally, a cute cartoon profile picture or the funny profile pictures cartoon act as advertisements too. The visual appeal and the short text underneath will be different compared to what the competitors have to offer. It is natural to be drawn to something exotic, and in this case, no one gets the job done better than these cartoon profile pics!

A form of normalization:

vector cartoon of girl with laptop ideas

Above: a more informal but informative profile picture in vector cartoon format

In my lifetime, I have dealt with various clients from whom I have learned many things. They have taught me that if the product or service sells due to a certain marketing or advertising technique, then there is only some time left until that scheme becomes the norm.

Thus, with many firms and corporations already resorting to cartoonization to muster public attention, it is apt that if anyone has to showcase their brand, they do so through cartoon pictures.

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