Why is Lisa my favorite member of BLACKPINK?

August 1, 2021


A lot of people love Lisa so much and I’m one of those people. There are several reasons why Lisa is my favorite BLACKPINK member.

Reasons why Lisa is my favorite member of BLACKPINK:

If you're a fan of KPOP culture you will know that Lisa is a really great dancer and that’s one of the reasons why Lisa is my favorite member of BLACKPINK. In my own opinion she's the best dancer I've seen. She’s also known as the robot dancer.

The next reason is her attitude. Lisa is a nice and really positive person. She really appreciates her fans and she also loves her fellow members of BLACKPINK. She is sweet and caring as well. I remember when Jennie asked in an interview why she loves Lisa and she replied that Lisa makes them feel alive and energetic when everyone is tired and sad. That’s why I adore Lisa's attitude too.

Finally, my favorite reason is her cuteness. Lisa's face is really cute and angelic, She can act like such a bad-ass on stage. Outside the stage she's really cute and a sweet girl and she is also known to be one of the most beautiful faces in the world.

Besides these three reasons, there are even more reasons why I like her!


A cartoon yourself of Lisa by yours truly, TheCartoonist.Me

Since she's not from East Asian descent her looks Is more recognizable from other KPOP idol Thus people can easily remember her and it makes her unique among the rest of the members of BLACKPINK.

Her body shape also makes it pleasing to see her dance. With any kind of dance genre or style, she can execute it excellently and a lot of people are amazed by her dance style. How she looks and how she dances on stage with her facial expressions is what makes her on point and really stand out among other KPOP stars. And that's the reason why I’m obsessed with her. I’m not being boastful but I think no other KPOP idol has the charisma like hers.

I also like Lisa's voice when she sings. She is also known as a good rapper and it makes her very unique. Despite of having a such a cute face she can also be savage and cool.

Lisa is a world renown Music Artist

Lisa is the most popular member of BLACKPINK not only in South Korea but worldwide. Lisa has all the good qualities that are not common for most people. She's a dancer, a singer, and a rapper. She has very good behavior, a sense of humor, a perfect face and a lot more (I’m such a fangirl)! She's just one of those people you can't help but love. I know she deserves all of that love because she's really a nice girl. I’m pretty sure all my Cartoon Me Fans are already in love with Lisa and I hope the others will like her too.