TheCartoonist releases NFT collection on PICIPO

May 18, 2022

cartoon NFT TheCartoonist.MeTheCartoonist.Me is releasing her very first NFT collection on Picipo titled: Cartoon Portraiture: A Human Experience. It is a collection that features her digital art style juxtaposed with the Bauhaus art movement. With her celebrated art style she creates her own interpretation of famous artworks from different artists across centuries of artistic endeavors. The result is a world class collection that speaks about the state of contemporary art.

The art world is shaped by society, but now more than ever it is also being influenced by new technologies such as NFTs, social media, and other innovations that was made available by the internet. These technologies certainly helped democratize and make art more appreciable and accessible to the masses. With the advent of YouTube more and more artists are becoming self-taught rather than attending an established university to learn techniques that they need. NFTs have made purchasing art a more convenient experience.

However these technologies sometimes are viewed negatively because they seem to weaken artistic expression in exchange for economic value. Art becomes an investment instrument as collectors also become investors. And with NFTs, artworks are incentivised so art investors can gain profit by being savvy with their art selection. Marketing becomes more important than technique.

But is this really wrong? This collection would like to disagree. Art for art’s sake seems like a lofty ideal but does not encompass art’s true meaning. For this artist, the value of art comes not only from aesthetics but also function. Hence why there is a reference to the Bauhaus art movement-- she wants to bridge the gap between high art and everyday life.

At the center of of all art is the human experience.

Details of the collection release:

Collection release on Picipo: link
Reserve price: 95 $NEAR