Starting a podcast but you don't have your cover art ready? Look no further! TheCartoonist will draw for you a cartoon logo design that is the best for your top podcast genre.

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A Custom Logo just for YOU

Your personal cartoon podcast logo maker

I'm here to make your podcast logo ideas into reality! Create a podcast logo for any genre such as: sports podcast logo, football podcast logo, basketball podcast logo, podcast show logo, music podcast logo, gaming podcast logo, business podcast logo, modern podcast logo, true crime podcast logo, creative podcast logo, and even a movie podcast logo! The possibilities are endless to create a cool podcast logo design.


Versatile and Convenient

Do you need your podcast logo for Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Anchor FM, or any other platform? If you specify it I'll make sure that your logo will meet the requirements of your chosen platform (almost always in PNG). A great podcast cover art takes all these requisites seriously, while making sure the logo itself appeals to your audience.

24 hour quotation

A podcast logo at warp speed

Are you already excited to get your podcast up and running? No need to wait a long time to be served by this artist! Expect a quotation and timeline within 24 hours of your inquiry. Receive your cartoon logo within 3 days.
"OMG it's amazing!!! Thank you so much! I love your work 😻" Luisa from Nobody Asked United States of America,
"The logo looks great! It is everything we asked for and you got our vision down perfect. Thank you again and hopefully we can do more business in the future." Andrew & Slater United States of America,
"The cartoons are adorable! I just love them. I will definitely make sure to share your name on the show. And yes, I'm happy for you to share the image on your site, too." Megan from Invincible Iron Pod United States of America,
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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Take me through the process of creating a Cartoon Podcast Logo.Here are the steps:

1.) Send me your Cartoon Podcast Logo request through my website or through email.
2.) Receive a quote on your cartoon request through email within 24 hours.
3.) Once you have agreed to the quotation, you can settle your bill through PayPal or CC.
4.) Receive your cartoon within 72 hours via email.
Normally at what rate does your Cartoon Podcast Logo start?My rate starts at only $65 USD.
What are the limits to my request?Strictly speaking—you are free to define any pose, outfit and cartoon style. The only limit is your imagination! Feel free to email me beforehand if you have any questions.
What kind of cartoon styles do you offer?I pretty much can replicate any other cartoon style of choice given enough pictures in which I can copy the preferred style. I don’t guarantee exact replicas though but I do my best to improve on it!

I can also replicate any cartoon based podcast logo you may have found or have in mind. You can send it to me for a more precise quotation.
What is the file type of your output?Usually I only provide high resolution PNG files to most clients. But if you are looking for a specific size or filetype that you need for your Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Anchor FM, or any other podcast platform please let me know and I can send your podcast cartoon logo based on your requirements.
How do you complete payment?After a quote that is agreed upon by both TheCartoonist and the client, I will be sending a PayPal or Credit Card invoice for the entire amount. Once that is settled, I will begin creating the client's cartoon. Expect delivery within the aforementioned time of completion.
What’s your policy on revisions?I offer unlimited revisions on any work I complete for you, within reasonable limits. After a week of inactivity I will consider a request with you completed and no more revisions shall be offered for free. I reserve the right to cancel my revision policy if I feel that you are abusing my services.

I normally respond to revision requests within 24 hours. Please expect your revision complete within 24-48 hours.

You can read more in my Revisions Policy page.
Is tipping required?No! I don’t believe this is necessary as any costs on my part are already covered. However, if you feel you should then I’m in no position to stop you!

- About this service -

After a few years of handling cartoon logo requests, I realized that there are a lot of clients that are in the market for a podcast cartoon logo or cover art. I created this page specifically to cater to future podcasters, or podcasters who are currently trying upgrade their brand by creating a unique podcast logo.

In any podcasting platform whether it be Apple, Google, Spotify or Anchor FM, the podcast cover art stands out because at first glance, it is the only way you can communicate what your podcast is all about to the possible listener. It gives them a visual cue as to what the vibe is when listening to your podcast. After all, not only the content matters when it comes to podcasting. The way the information is presented in your show is important to your audience as well. This is where the podcast logo is most useful. I can use the analogy of a boutique, and your podcast logo is like your window dressing on your shop's window. Before coming in, or for your audience listening in, they would like a visual preview of what is in store for them.

Why a CARTOON podcast logo?

A cartoon logo can communicate a richer personality than simply just the title of your podcast. First of all, a cartoon logo that includes your likeness already has an advantage over simply a text logo: it includes yourself as you appear. Taking this further — since your are represented by a drawing it can be drawn in a way that attracts other people to your personality or the way you see the world. Finally, a cartoon podcast cover art can be more visually appealing for most people versus a simple text based logo.

Some famous podcasts that use a cartoon podcast logo:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Anythign for Selena
  • Why won't you Date Me? with Nicole Byer
  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • Forever35

And many other podcasts.

So if you're not yet convinced I'd offer you check out my reviews and samples to convince you! I look forward to working with you in your very own podcast logo.