Create a Cartoon Podcast Logo with TheCartoonist.Me

May 2, 2022

What is a podcast logo?

rap and basketball cartoon podcast logo

A favorite podcast logo of mine that was commissioned by a client who talks about rap and basketball

A podcast logo serves as a symbol to represent your podcast brand. It could be an image, graphic design, or a photo. This is what you can use to upload to Anchor, Apple, Spotify, or any podcast platform. Normally it reflects the main topic of your podcast and it can show the audience how entertaining your topics are. You would need your logo to last as long as possible as it is intended to become familiar to your audience and promote your podcast brand.

Why do you need a great podcast logo?

Many people tend to look at the art cover of a book before even reading the title. The same analogy can be said with a podcast. People will look at a podcast cover art before reading the title. If your podcast logo can captivate and capture the stuff that your podcast conveys, the more people become interested in your podcast. Experienced graphic artists are the best people to consult on having a podcast logo because they have a lot of practice and can read right away what the feel of a podcast logo should be. You can use TheCartoonist.Me as your podcast logo maker, since I have over ten years of experience as a graphic artist and designer.

What’s the difference between TheCartoonist.Me and other podcast logo makers?

Normally, so called free podcast logo makers use generated software to turn your photo into a cartoon and create mediocre outcomes. With my service, I can create your cartoon podcast logo with with your vision in mind and my artistic expertise. I will deliver your cartoon as a JPEG or PNG file. And if you request it I can also send you the editable file that you can use to make your own alterations. I also have an after sales service where you can ask for changes and revisions.

What are the advantages of a CARTOON podcast logo:

  1. It can quickly grab potential listeners’ attention
  2. It can give a great first impression
  3. Your cartoon podcast logo will help you present your podcast in the most straightforward way possible
  4. It gives you a unique identity

Cartoon logos versus a photo or symbol tend to convey more literal messaging to your audience. Since the podcast logo will be drawn in a cartoon style, you can customize your look and add elements that would not be present if it was based off a real photo. Most importantly it can give the impression that your podcast is a lot of fun!

Simple but great Podcast logo ideas that can help create a podcast cover art consist of the following:

  1. Microphones and headphones. If there are microphones and headphones your logo people will associate your logo with a podcast right away.
  2. Host (or hosts) sitting on a couch or chair expressing different emotions. These emotions will be easily conveyed to your audience.
  3. Your title with a readable font and written in a way that best represents your podcast.
  4. You can add your pet, favorite hobbies, and have yourself drawn in a fun pose to make podcast cover art more interesting and convey more of what it’s about.

Here is a sample of a cartoon podcast logo I created from the past:

two men on toilets cartoon podcast cover art

The clients that commissioned this logo actually thought up of the concept and I just helped them transform it into a cartoon podcast logo!

Do you want one?

Creating a cartoon podcast with TheCartoonist.Me is the best choice to help you have an interesting podcast channel. We have a lot of clients to prove that! You can check out some reviews: to see the feedback from my clients and repeat customers.

You can give me your own ideas and the concept of your cartoon logo too! Let me hear your thoughts! Visit the page: You can email me at: