TheCartoonist.Me is the BEST Picture Cartoonizer

June 26, 2021

What Makes TheCartoonist.Me the BEST Picture Cartoonizer?

Hello cartoonizers! It’s me, TheCartoonist! And today I would like to write in detail the features that make TheCartoonist.Me one of the best picture to cartoon generators on the internet! I know, it’s a bold claim but I hope that this article can back up these audacious claims!

My Signature TheCartoonist Style

thecartoonist style girl with brunette hair

thecartoonist style man wearing blue coat

Above: two samples of my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE with the body (PREMIUM option)

Over the years I have been constantly developing my native art style that is a combination of digital vector illustration but also my own personal creative rendering that is the result of ten years of practice and experience. I never attended any formal design or art school so most of my creative education is self-taught. While I wasn’t always equipped with what I wanted to be good at, it seems my personal journey towards artistic expression always gave me what I needed to succeed.

bob marley face cartoon

dua lipa face cartoon

First: One of my very first cartoons when I started TheCartoonist.Me

Second: A recent cartoon using my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE cartoon face

This, and my constant desire towards self-improvement has led me to create one of the most iconic art styles found in the internet today! I’m very proud of my achievements and I always like sharing this talent with all my clients, big and small.

Digital is the Future

Another thing about my cartoons is that all the work completed comes as a digital file both in JPEG and PNG file types. While this has been the standard for quite some time now I make it a point to submit a very high resolution output (300 dots per inch) so the finished work can be used in a variety of ways.

This can also synergize with my first point-- the development of my SIGNATURE THECARTOONIST STYLE also improved the way I handle details in every photo conversion to a cartoon. I make sure in every cartoon there is a certain level of detail that evokes a certain realism-- but not too much! This is my secret sauce and I try to keep a balance between realism and cartoon-likeness.

My Promise: The fastest cartoonist on the internet

In a world where there are instant AI assisted apps that would give you a finished output instantly, there’s still room for a humble caricature artist such as myself! But being hand-made doesn’t necessarily mean slow. Since I also use creative software along with my graphic tablet I can make cartoons at a pace where you won’t have to wait for long. Most of my cartoon options have a 24 hour delivery guaranteed, and I don’t throw that word around lightly!

So what are you waiting for? Turn your pictures into gorgeous and one of a kind cartoons without using low quality filters and free cartoon services. Select a photo that you love and start cartoonizing with me, TheCartoonist.Me!


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